Appeals hearing date set for dispute over location of a Weyburn liquor store

The appeals by Calvary Baptist Church and by John Hulbert Construction, both against the City of Weyburn over the application for the Liquor Spot to locate in a building next to the church, will have a hearing on June 22 by written submission.

Both parties launched the second appeal of the decision to allow the Liquor Spot to locate in the building, after the initial appeal was lost. Hulbert Construction is the owner of the building where the Liquor Spot wants to locate.

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This second appeal will go to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board’s planning appeals committee. The committee is still taking written submissions, and there will be no one in attendance for this hearing, with only the submissions to be heard.

In the case of the first appeal, pastor Tim MacKinnon of Calvary Baptist Church described it as a split decision.

“The outcome of the last one was 1/2 for both parties. The appeal board had decided against the City that they could not allow an exception for the Liquor Spot to use the back alley, but they would still allow the Liquor Spot to be in that location, as it is discretionary,” he said.

“We are appealing that second decision, based on our view that this would set an unsettling precedent for the future when it comes to liquor and cannabis stores being around schools, public places, etc.,” MacKinnon added.

John Hulbert Construction is also appealing the decision not to allow the use of the back alley, as the liquor outlet wanted to use this to access the back for storage and warehousing of liquor products.

According to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board, the board will formally acknowledge the appeal, and will set what type of hearing will be held. In this case, they are asking the parties to submit written submissions and will hold a video conference to hear those submissions, and a written decision will then be rendered by the panel within 60 days after the hearing.

If the parties are not satisfied with the final decision, it can then be filed with the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.