Barbecue fundraiser held for church youth group

The Calvary Baptist Community Church held a fundraiser barbecue on Saturday. Donations were made by purchasing either a burger or a hot dog or by donating in order to get face paint done.

The barbecue was to help raise funds for the church’s youth who will be participating in SERVE 2019, which will be held in Weyburn from July 7-13. Approximately 300 teens and leaders will be coming for a week of 'loving on' the city. SERVE is being sponsored by the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and is in its 20th year of coming to a different location every year for the purpose of helping others and spreading around God's love.

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Some of the projects the youth will be involved with are helping at Hill Top Manor, Crocus Plains Villa, Weyburn Youth Centre, New Home Pioneer Lodge, Souls Harbour Mission Regina and Moose Jaw, a Children's Day Program in Regina, and a city-wide Food Drive in Weyburn on Thursday, July 11.

They will also help at theSalvation Army Thrift Store, the Wor-Kin Shop, helping lead children's programs at the Weyburn Public Library, holding a car wash at Barber Motors, painting and washing walls and windows, cleaning for various places and people, helping seniors with yard work, and many more projects still in process.

A food mission organization called 'Lifeline Mission' will be setting up shop at Calvary Baptist Community Church in which youth will have the experience of re-packaging larger bags of donated food supplies into smaller portions that will be given to the local food bank. This group also sends food to those in need in other nations.

Calvary Baptist is hosting this project, but the Weyburn Free Methodist Church will be hosting the evening rallies in which the youth will be engaged with live worship bands and guest speakers. St. Michael School will open their doors for sleeping arrangements and meals. Lunches will be provided by Calvary Baptist, along with a nurses station in case there are minor injuries throughout the week.

The church is still seeking more locations to offer service, so feel free to contact Terri MacKinnon at if you would like yard work or other manual labor done or if you're an organization that can use some help.

For general information contact Pastor Tim MacKinnon at On one of the evenings, the church is feeding this large group chili, which will be made by various community groups and individuals. They can sign up with Cita Edwards at for a chance to win as the best chili in town. Prizes will be offered to the group(s) selected by the youth.

“Our desire is that our teens and leaders would grow in their love for Jesus and love for others,” said Pastor MacKinnon.