Believe it or not, Weyburn brothers will be in Ripley's

Richy and Preston Roy's giant minion to be in Ripley's 2021 book

A giant minion constructed of 1,300 balloons, made by Weyburn brothers Richy and Preston Roy for the Weyburn Fair parade in 2018, will be featured in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not book for 2021.

The news that they would be featured in this book came as a complete surprise to Richy, who recalled that he and Preston submitted their giant balloon creation to both Ripley’s and the Guinness Book of World Records for consideration.

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The Guinness book didn’t work out due to the red tape and the requirements to be a part of that book, said Richy.

“I hadn’t heard back from Ripley’s for almost two years, then I got an email from the editor saying they were going to send us a free copy of the 2021 book because we’re in it,” said Richy.

“That’s pretty cool to be in the book for 2021,” he added, noting this book is sold in many countries, like Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

“When you’re a kid in elementary school and we went to the school library, all the kids raced to get the Ripley’s book. As a kid I always wanted to be in it, so now I can take that off my bucket list,” he said.

He recalled that Preston used an air generator nine hours a day pumping up balloons while he twisted them together, using sizes like 240s, 350s and 646s.

“It took a good seven days to put it together,” said Richy. “I remember about halfway through that week, Scott Moe sent us a tweet encouraging us to get it finished.”

In a “normal” year, he and Preston are kept busy putting on magic shows and other stage entertainment events, but Richy noted that because of COVID-19, they have lost all of their entertainment gigs for 2020, with only the Big Time Live online game shows working out for them.

Thus it was nice to get this news, said Richy, and when he told his brother, “he said this made it all better and put a smile on his face.”

He doesn’t foresee being able to go back to stage entertainment any time soon, but he and Preston will be restarting the Big Time Live online game shows in November, with three months of game shows planned at this point.

In addition, the Game TV network did an interview with them about their game show, as they are doing a program about game shows in Canada, and the Big Time Live show was one of the biggest online game shows in the country. The story about their show will be aired possibly by January, said Richy, and it will be hosted by Colin Mochrie.