Boil water advisory in effect for Weyburn

Due to construction upgrades and enhancements to the City of Weyburn Water Treatment Plant the City of Weyburn and the Ministry of Environment have elected to put out a precautionary drinking water advisory. The advisory is currently in effect for all customers supplied by the City of Weyburn Water Treatment Plant, this includes the Weyburn Utility Board, the City of Weyburn, the Hamlet of North Weyburn, the Village of McTaggart, Nickle Lake Regional Park and any other users not mentioned that receive their treated water from the city.

There have been no known contaminants found in the water system, however there is a higher turbidity reading than the regulated standards.

Resident of the affected areas are encouraged to boil all drinking water for one minute or water used for activities where it may be ingested, including:

brushing teeth or soaking false teeth
dishwashing, unless sanitized in another fashion
washing fruits and vegetables
food that will not be subsequently heated
making ice cubes

The precautionary drinking water advisory will not be lifted until the upgrades are completed at the water treatment plant and the water supply is determined to be completely safe. The approximate time is one week.

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