Candidate representing Buffalo Party in provincial race

The provincial election race has a third candidate on the ballot in the Weyburn-Big Muddy riding, as Collin Keith is representing the new Buffalo Party as one of 12 candidates in place for this election.

This is his first foray into politics, and is representing the fledgling party as he has had an interest in the issues around western separatism even before there was a Wexit movement. The Buffalo Party is the renamed version of Wexit Saskatchewan.

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Keith, who works as an electrician for the Southeast Cornerstone School Division, had been following the posts on the Internet and social media even before the 2019 federal election, which brought separatism to the fore with a total lack of any Liberal MPs elected in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

He said the party promotes Saskatchewan’s independence, either in or out of Canada, and feels issues like this or of equalization payments should be put into a referendum for the voters to make a decision on.

For the provincial election, the Buffalo Party unveiled their platform on Monday, and includes points in support of the oil and gas industry, and of agriculture, as two of the most important aspects of the Saskatchewan economy.

Keith has connections to both industries here in the Weyburn-Big Muddy riding, as he owned and operated his own electrician business before going to work at the school division, plus he and his wife live on a small acreage near Weyburn, and feels he can appreciate some of the challenges to the farming community.

The basis of the policies of the Buffalo Party will be “for improving life in Saskatchewan,” added Keith.

While he works full-time, he has been able to do some campaigning, and one issue he’s been asked about is vote-splitting, with the concern raised that the NDP may benefit with votes split between himself and the Saskatchewan Party.

“I consider that a compliment actually,” smiled Keith, adding he does not consider this is going to be any kind of issue in this riding.

“The NDP would need two and a half times as many votes to be any kind of a threat if the Sask Party and Buffalo Party split the vote,” said Keith.

His main challenge at this point will be to get his name known, as well as that of the Buffalo Party, and the restrictions in place due to COVID will add to that challenge. If anyone would like to contact Keith or speak with him, he can be reached on his cell at 306-861-7438, or emailing