Chiropractor enters Weyburn’s city council race

A new candidate is entering the city council race for Weyburn, as Dr. John Corrigan will be putting his nomination papers in before the close of nominations today, Oct. 7.

Corrigan has been involved on many boards and organizations in Weyburn, serving as a president or vice-president for the Young Fellows Club and Weyburn Silver Seals, both the Weyburn Red Wings and Gold Wings hockey clubs, and the Weyburn Golf Club, along with provincial and national chiropractic organizations related to his chiropractic practice in Weyburn.

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“I have quite a bit of experience in governance with organizations and boards, and I have a keen interest in the community,” he said, noting he was born and raised in Weyburn and his family is here also.

Corrigan said he is at a time in his life when he has time to dedicate to being on city council, as he is no longer involved in these boards, and feels he can use his experience in governance on city council.

“It’s something I’ve considered doing in the past, but I haven’t had the time or availability to do it before,” he added.

Corrigan doesn’t have a particular issue to focus on for city council, but his interest is in helping council achieve its mandate of providing residents with facilities and programs in recreation, culture and services for the community.

He would have an interest in the recreational side of city facilities, but as he would like to serve the city, his interest is all-encompassing of the services and facilities that are under the council’s direction.

“I think the councils in the past have done an excellent job in establishing a strong foundation for the community, and it’s something to build on and move forward with,” said Corrigan.

“I think as a councillor, if I’m fortunate enough to be elected, we need to create opportunities for citizens to succeed in whatever they wanting to be a part of,” he said. “We have to create the environment for them to succeed in those areas.”

He is also cognizant that there will be a learning curve for him if he is elected, as from his past experience with other organizations, he knows that you don’t really know what is involved in making decisions until you are a part of the discussions and information around a given issue or project.

Corrigan feels it is important to give back to the community he’s lived in and raised his family in, commenting, “As a good friend of mine once said, giving back to the community is the rent you pay to live on this earth.”