Christmas message from Weyburn Mayor Marcel Roy

“On behalf of myself, my family, City Council and the City of Weyburn, I would like to wish each and every one a wonderful Christmas and a happy, prosperous and safe New Year!

I’ve always been very grateful for the community that we live in and this holiday season particularly, I along with so many have expressed how blessed we feel to live in an amazing community that comes together and does special things (to name a few) like the holiday parade, the River Park Sparkle tour, the downtown skating rink and the Festival of Trees! Furthermore, we see time and time again many residents whom extend their good fortunes to those who are in need by a way of donations or volunteering their time all in a pursuit to better the lives of those living within our great city. These are the acts of kindness that really make a difference and truly define a community.

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As we near the end of one decade and look to the future, I can’t help but be excited about the visible progress we’ve seen as a city, from the upgrades to our downtown lights to our newly expanded water treatment system, along with the new school being built, an amazing recreation and culture centre to support the health and creativity of our residents and being in a financially positive position for when the provincial government is ready to move forward with the new hospital.

So as we gather our families around the Christmas trees and dinner tables, give thanks for all our blessings and don’t forget those in need during this time. Spread your cheer and good fortune, for that is what I believe the Christmas spirit is truly about!”

Mayor Marcel Roy