City gives options for automated refuse system containers

The City of Weyburn held an open house during the week of September 7 to give residents an opportunity to try out containers the City is considering for their new automated refuse system, to be installed in the new year.

Engineering Assistant Jesse Watamanuk gave interested residents a demonstration of two container options. The first container is 360 litres and will hold between four and five regular garbage bags. This container will be going to all residents unless they decide to choose the smaller option, a 240-litre container which holds approximately three bags. The option for the smaller container is available only until the end of the month.

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Watamanuk said that the City is encouraging all residents to receive the standard 360-litre option due to increased garbage during the Christmas holidays and spring/fall when there is an excess of yard waste. There will be an exchange fee of $25 to change carts sizes after September 30.

Watamanuk said that the new automated refuse trucks will need about five-feet of space around containers in order to latch-on to them. He said that the City hopes to implement the new system in early 2011.