City of Weyburn to issue notice to property owners with unpaid taxes

Weyburn’s city council was informed that 25 properties still have property taxes owing from 2018. A lien was registered against the properties in April, and now a six-month notice will be served to all of the property owners.

The notice will give the property owners a six-month period to clear the arrears of the taxes owing, including penalty and fees. If no payment has been made or arranged for with the City, a letter will be sent in May 2020 to the Provincial Mediation Board to request consent of title. The total amount owing by the 25 properties is $176,707.

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Asked if this number of properties is out of the ordinary, finance director Laura Missal said there were 20 properties in this position last year, so this year is comparable.

• City council amended the bylaw for the Weyburn Airport board, and for the fees charged at the airport, located at North Weyburn.

For the board, there had been two City councillors appointed with the remainder members-at-large. Coun. Ron Fellner of the RM sat as a member-at-large, but the new amended bylaw will now have two City council members plus an RM of Weyburn councillor, along with four members-at-large.

“It’s a bit bizarre,” said Mayor Marcel Roy, who sits on the airport board. “This is to have an RM councillor sit as a board member.”

He noted that the airport is in the RM, and they pay taxes to the RM, so it only made sense for the RM to have a member on the board. The fees charged by the airport were also updated and approved by council.

The fees for keeping a plane at the airport stored in a hangar or tied down on a permanent basis will be increased from $950 to $1,000 as of Jan. 1, 2020, and this will be increased to $1,050 on Jan. 1, 2021, and to $1,100 on Jan. 1, 2022. The charge for two aircraft will go to $1,850 a year as of Jan. 1, 2020.

• Council approved an item that will be out of the 2020 budget, as it is an equipment repair at the water treatment plant.

A mechanical failure occurred in April of the central drive for the plant 200 clarifier. the replacement cost for this piece is $60,000, with $15,000 of that cost to be assigned out of the 2019 budget.

The remaining equipment cost of $45,000 is proposed for the 2020 budget, along with installation costs of $115,000, for a total budgeted cost of $160,000.

The part will take up to 24 weeks for the company to manufacture and transport it, so in order to get the piece to Weyburn sooner, council approved the purchase now so it can arrive by February 2020.

• The Festival of Trees fundraiser for the Family Place is coming up soon, city council was told Monday evening, and the inaugural Sparkles event at River Park will soon be starting by Weyburn Tourism.

Coun. Winston Bailey let councillors know that the setup for the Festival of Trees will be on Nov. 18-20 at Barber Motors, and then the decorated Christmas trees are on view from Nov. 21 to 28, along with all of the silent auction items.

Coun. Bailey is the auctioneer for the live auction of the Christmas trees, and he will be putting the trees on the block on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 28, with all of the proceeds going to the Family Place.

“That is their biggest fundraiser for the year, and it’s always very well supported by this community and the surrounding communities,” said Coun. Bailey. “All week long you can participate in the events that organization has.”

Council was also told about the Sparkles event to be held by Weyburn Tourism, starting on Monday, Dec. 2 at 7 p.m., with the displays to be at the various camp sites in River Park until Jan. 4, 2020.

The kickoff event will feature carollers, with hot chocolate and treats to be served.

The park will be open to pedestrian traffic only from Fridays to Sundays, and to vehicles from Mondays to Thursdays through the month of December.

Coun. Dick Michel said of the 27 camp sites at River Park, around 20 or 21 are already spoken for, with Christmas displays to be set up for people to look at each evening.

He noted that snow removal on the trails around the park will be done by the City to enable people to walk through and view the displays.

“I think it’s very exciting to have this other than just having RVs in there, to bring people in there. The support we have already is just amazing,” said Coun. Michel, adding the displays will be by different organizations and businesses.

If the weather permits it, there will be some organizations who will be on hand in the evening to provide hot chocolate or Christmas carolers, said Coun. Bailey. “I’m excited for this,” he added.