City of Weyburn to use more firms for licensing, insuring vehicles

The City of Weyburn will be spreading their business around more for vehicle registration and insurance, as council passed a recommendation on Monday evening that will include more than one company.

The City has been using Andrew Agencies for the licensing and insuring of vehicles since 2006, with licensing costing the city about $70,000 a year, and the SGI Auto Pac policies cost about $30,000 annually.

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Council decided to go with a schedule of switching off companies for the services for three-year periods. From 2021 to 2023, Western Financial will do the vehicle licensing, while Andrew Agencies will provide the Auto Pac, and then from 2024 to 2026, Andrew Agencies will provide vehicle licensing while Western Financial will do the Auto Pac policies.

For 2027 to 2029, CAA Weyburn will provide vehicle licensing, and Andrew Agencies will do the Auto Pac policies.

• In other council business, the City of Weyburn issued a total of 48 building permits in 2020, with one permit issued in December with a construction value of $60,000. The year-end total value of building permits was $8,648,000.

The year-end total for building permits in 2019 was $51,040,212, but two of the permits were worth over $20 million each, for the new elementary school and the recreation-culture centre. Taking those two permits out, the City had 63 building permits worth $6,386,212.

The city has also processed six applications for the Weyburn Builds program, which provides grants for exterior renovations and additions. The grants for the year totaled $5,085 for the six projects.