Communithon 2021 to be held October 29, new chair is elected

Communithon 2021 will be held at the Weyburn Legion on Friday, October 29. The date was determined during a virtual meeting for the Communithon Committee held a virtual meeting that was held January 19.


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Korryn Kubashek was elected as the new chair of the Communithon Committee, by nomination of the executive committee. Wanda Miller, who served as chair for the past two years, will now step into the past chair position. Lynda Rideout was elected vice chair, and Tasha Collins and Kristen Iversen put their names forward to co-chair the secretary and treasurer roles.


Many of the sub-committee leads were also chosen during the meeting, including: Sabrina Kraft, Communications lead; Tasha Collins, Finance lead; Wanda Miller, Business Committee lead; Brenda Clark, Allocations and Staging/Facility lead; Lindsey Manko-Bauche, Volunteer Committee lead; and Kristen Iversen, Online Auction lead.


Confirmation of an Entertainment lead, which is the most active committee that plans out the schedule of entertainers for Communithon, and the Decorations lead will be announced.


Interested community members who wish to join the Communithon Committee or put their name forward as one of the leads of a sub-committee can email


During the meeting, the committee reviewed debriefing notes from the 2020 Communithon. The committee looked at steps they wanted to take, to make the 2021 Communithon even better.


A year end report was also reviewed by the committee, and will be released to all stakeholders. 


There will be updates to the Communithon website, Instagram and Facebook pages in the new future.


There is an open invitation for any new non-profit organizations that want to seek funding from the Communithon event to attend this meeting.


Community Agencies must have a representative on the Communithon Committee to receive funding.


The decision on all Community Agencies who are approved for the 2021 Communithon will be made by May 1, 2021.


Visit the Communithon Facebook, Instagram and for more information about the 2021 Communithon!