Comp Entrepreneurship class offers Melted Treasures

The second semester Comp Entrepreneurship class, comprised of Grade 11’s and 12’s, has been doing business planning, marketing and creating their product of Melted Treasures. The group came up with the idea to create handmade candles that will reveal a hidden treasure of a necklace in the middle as the candle burns down.

The students were voted into positions in their company, just like a legitimate business is. Mackenna Glennie and Jorgia Johner are co-presidents, Chris Fesalbon is vice president of finance, Hannah Niemegeers is vice president of sales, Kelsi Shipley and Austin LeBlanc are the co-vice presidents of marketing with Carter Brown and Kyla Kater acting as their staff members, Alex Martindale is vice president of human resources with Holden Kopec acting as a staff member, Abbey Johnson is vice president of production with Vivian Huang as VP assistant and Maddy Hillstead acting as a staff member, Ethan Petersen is vice president of Information Technology and Jessica Dixon is vice president of environment, health and safety.

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They have five versions of the candles available: Vanilla Heaven, Lakeside, Cherry Bloom, Sweet Cinnamon and Scent Free. For a 500 ml candle, the cost is $20 and for a 250 ml, it’s $15. The company will donate 20 per cent of their final profit to two different charities. Ten per cent will go to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, which will help the babies in the NICU ward, and the other 10 will go to the Weyburn Canadian Mental Health Association.

These candles are handmade by the students, with the supplies bought from a candle company, and are made of soy wax, wicks and soy oil-based fragrances.

At the Comp School’s performance of the musical Mamma Mia, Melted Treasures will have a table set up to sell their product. They will be open for business on Thursday, May 23, at 6 p.m. until show time and then at intermission. They will also be at the matinee on Sunday, May 26, from 1 p.m. until show time at 2, and then at intermission.

To order, you can contact Melted Treasures by email at, on Snapchat at @meltedtreasures, on Instagram at @meltedtreasuresja and on Facebook at JAMeltedTreasures. The deadline for order entries is Wednesday, June 12.