Comp names Students of the Month

The staff of the Weyburn Comprehensive School have named the following as Students of the Month for January and February, along with the subject the students have done well in.

January: Shan Alejaga, Accounting 10; Brett Bowler, Health Science 20; Kyla Button, Health Science 20; Brady Janke; Trisha Palpallatoc, Accounting 10; Cassidy Pope, Entrepreneurship 30; Tristan Potuer; Graham Richards, Science 10; Brynn Romanovitch, Science 10; Ridwaan Sairally, Psychology 30; Ashton St. Denis, Social Studies 7; Nolan Vogel, Entrepreneurship 30; and Ryan Yurkiw.

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For February: Meagan Dutchak, Biology 30; Nathan Elmay, Social Studies 7; Kierson Hennes, Biology 30; Arielle MacKinnon, Environmental Science 20; Mikaila Mahnke, Physics 30; Decklan Nelson, Social Studies 7; Jeremy Symes, Social Studies 7; Cywin Tapia, Physics 30; and Jocelyn Vilcu, Environmental Science 20.