Construction on time and on budget for Weyburn Rec and Culture Centre

Construction of the new Weyburn Recreation and Culture Centre (WRCC) is progressing as it should so far, city council was told in an update on Monday night.

The project is 25 per cent completed, said Andrew Crowe, director of leisure services for the City of Weyburn, who provided photos of the various parts of the WRCC as they look now, compared to what they will look like according to the plans.

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“Construction remains on time and within budget as set by council,” said Crowe. “Since the last update in June, we’ve seen a delay due to significant rainfall.”

He added the excessive moisture has been the biggest problem so far, which has made it difficult for the steel to be put in place for the WRCC’s structure.

“The conditions have made it difficult to raise the steel, so in the next few weeks, we’ll start to see some of the external walls going up. They’re going to have it all closed in by the new year,” said Crowe.

There are several tradespeople on the site now, some days with around 100 construction workers on the site, he added.

In his photos, he showed the various areas of the WRCC, such as where the new art gallery and pottery studio will be, the indoor soccer field and walking track, the climbing and play area, and he showed the steel roofing that is now in place.

Asked about the timing of the completion, Crowe said the project is on track to be substantially completed by June of 2021, and with the last details to be finished up, they are planning to open in conjunction with the new elementary school in September of 2021.

“Many in the community are excited about it,” commented Coun. Dick Michel.

• In the City’s building and demolition report for September, the City issued six permits with a total construction value of $3,806,000. This brings the total year-to-date to 60 building permits in Weyburn, with a total construction value of $51,339,800.

The projects in September include a bus shop for Southeast Cornerstone School Division worth $3 million; a personal care home on DeLaet Drive worth $700,000; and house additions, garages, a garden shed and exterior renovations.

Out of the building permits issued, 10 of them are under the Weyburn Builds program, with seven projects completed to date, with a total of $4,273.50 paid out by the city so far.

One demolition permit was also issued in September for a building on Second Street.