Councillor issues apology for remarks

Note: The following open letter was issued by Coun. Brad Wheeler late Wednesday, for comments made at Monday night's council meeting in regard to the proposed group home in The Creeks:

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Re: An open letter the community of Weyburn
I would like to issue a formal apology for the statements that I made in Council on Monday, March 11, 2019.
As an elected representative for this community, I failed miserably at relaying a message on behalf of the residents of the Creeks and for that I apologize to my neighbours.
After listening to the statements I made on Monday, I recognize why there are people upset with me, and rightly so. The statements I made are not the sentiments of the residents in the Creeks development, nor do they reflect mine. I spoke against my better judgement and sincerely wish I hadn’t.
I am truly sorry for the comments I made and I apologize for the hurt I have caused residents of this city. I would appreciate the forgiveness of those that have I offended.
Brad Wheeler City of Weyburn Councillor