COVID cases increase at Weyburn hospital, Special Care Home

The COVID-19 outbreak at both the Weyburn General Hospital and the Weyburn Special Care Home is continuing, with increased numbers of patients, including two deaths from the Special Care Home.

At the Weyburn Special Care Home, the outbreak was first declared on Dec. 27, and there have been two residents of the home who have tested positive who have died.

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There have been 24 residents and health care workers who have tested positive, and including secondary transmission, there are currently 26 active cases connected to the outbreak.

At the Weyburn General Hospital, where the outbreak was first declared on Dec. 29, there have been 23 patients and health care workers who have tested positive. There has also been another eight cases connected to the outbreak through secondary transmission.

There are currently nine active cases among patients at the Weyburn Hospital.

The local Medical Health Officer made the decision to declare the outbreak for the safety of staff, patients and visitors after close consultation and further investigating the sources surrounding the original transmission case. The risk of further infection remains as the SHA was unable to rule out transmission sources.

Outbreak management procedures continue at the care home and the hospital, including practices to contain and mitigate the risk of transmission and ensuring everyone is following the Public Health Orders and guidelines.

Proactive testing is being done for residents and staff. Patients who test positive are managed consistent with the existing clinical guidelines, and staff who test positive will isolate and return to work based on their health status and Saskatchewan Health Authority Employee Health timelines.

Currently, the Health Authority has been able to maintain staffing levels at both facilities to ensure continued safe, quality care for patients.