Creeks developer supports Group Home proposal

The developer of The Creeks subdivision fully supported the application for a Group Home residence to be located there.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Doug Rogers of Terra Developments Inc., said, “The Creeks takes pride in being an exemplary growing community that fully aligns with the strategic goals within the City of Weyburn’s Official Community Plan.

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“These goals are:

1.     To provide a high quality of community service;

2.     To maintain a high level of environmental quality;

3.     To foster a climate which promotes prosperity;

4.     To foster a safe, secure and healthy environment “for all”;

5.     To build a stronger community through participation, friendliness and neighbourliness.

“We want the residents of Weyburn to know that The Creeks welcomes everybody to live or enjoy the amenities it offers to the city. The overall vision of The Creeks at full build-out is to be a complete and thriving community. This means on the residential side it would need people of all income levels, culture and political ideologies living together; we stand by this vision and are committed to it.

“In closing, Terra fully supports the application for a care home in The Creeks. We feel this project perfectly complements the neighbourhood, and allows all individuals within the care home to be part of a safe and growing community.”