Dedicated to the cause

"Since my Grandma Fleck is currently fighting breast cancer, I wanted my contribution to mean something this year. Usually I will shave my head, but I do keep my hair cut quite short anyway," said Bryan Fleck. Fleck is one of four teachers who pledged to do various stunts as part of an extremely successful fundraising effort on behalf of the Weyburn Junior High School.

For the first $1,000 the school's Principal Mr. Ellis, a Lions fan from BC, pledged to wear Roughriders gear at the next school assembly.

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For raising $2,000, the faculty's intern Megan Biss will be duct taped to a wall at the October 28 assembly.

As a reward for the school raising $3,000, Mr. Fleck honoured his pledge to go the distance from Weyburn to Regina on his bike, which he completed in six hours on October 14.

At the $4,000 mark, Mrs. Zackrisson shaved her head.

The school has raised over $7,000 to date for the Terry Fox Foundation.