Fantastic year for Weyburn Fair, due to community support

It was a fantastic year for the Weyburn Fair, despite a short set-up time, and short notice that the midway was coming.

TJ Metheral, co-entertainment director and past president of the Weyburn Agricultural Society, said “we had great attendance, great volunteers, the community supported us with sponsorship, and the community really supported us.”

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There was a total of 8,800 visitors to the Weyburn Fair over the four-day event this year. The two days that had the highest amount of attendance were both Thursday, the opening day, and Sunday, with the Soo Line Cruisers Car Show and Rumble in the Ring demo derby.

“It was very surprising that Thursday was such a busy day for us, and the Midway was very busy that first night,” said Metheral.

“I think that everyone appreciated what was at the Fair this year, for what we could get in short notice.”

There were 13 midway rides at the Weyburn Fair, including two new ones, the Orbiter and Dizzy Dragon. The Friday entertainment featured the Deep South ladies Barrel Racing Jackpot, Saturday featured an expanded DQ Kids Rodeo and a Summer Sizzler trade show, and Sunday featured the Car Show and the Rumble in the Ring demo derby.

In addition to the Midway, fair games, food vendors and other attractions at the Weyburn Fair, there were two baseball games that were also featured at Tom Laing Park. The Iron Pigs played on Friday night, and the U18 beavers hosted a doubleheader on Saturday.

“It was hard to get a few food vendors, because so many were already booked up...  but I know that the ones that everyone loved them,” said Metheral.

“Everything went really smooth. It was a lot of fun, and the community itself really enjoyed the Fair. I am really proud that we could put it on.”

During City Council on Monday night, Coun. Laura Morrissette mentioned a special thank you to the Weyburn Agricultural Society for all their hard work in hosting the Weyburn Fair. She also noted appreciation to all the volunteers from other community groups who did their part to help out at the gates, and with ensuring a positive community event for everyone to enjoy.