Federal election now underway

The writ has been dropped, and the 2019 federal election is now underway with a 40-day campaign, and voting day on Monday, Oct. 21.

As of dissolution of Parliament on Wednesday morning, the party standings are as follows: 177 Liberals, 95 Conservatives, 39 NDP, 10 Bloc Quebecois, two Green Party, one People’s Party of Canada, one CCF, eight independents, with five vacant seats.

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In Souris-Moose Mountain, the incumbent is Conservative MP Dr. Robert Kitchen, who is running for re-election.

The other candidates announced so far in this riding are Phil Zajac of the People’s Party of Canada, and Travis Patron of the Canadian Nationalist Party.

The returning officer for Elections Canada for Souris-Moose Mountain is Margaret Tuchscherer.