Front-line warriors of the Weyburn Police Service

Nicholas Hennink, a paramedic and singer-songwriter (front left) gathered with members of the Weyburn Police Service on Wednesday, with Nicholas’ banner in front in reference to a new music video of his song, “Warriors”, to be released on YouTube on Saturday. Nicholas, who is based in Moose Jaw, has been compiling photos of emergency services from around Saskatchewan, of fire, ambulance and police departments. He has around 25 of the group photos so far, which he posts on-line and on social media platforms as part of his campaign to promote good mental health for First Responders. He embarked on the journey to address the stigma of mental illness and issues like PTSD amongst First Responders after he had a struggle with alcohol abuse as a paramedic, and is hoping that his photos and his music will help open the conversations amongst emergency service workers.

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