Griffin area family happy with life one year later

Triplets growing and developing

Check the Sept. 4 issue of the Weyburn Review for an interview with Danielle Johnston about how her family has coped with the many challenges they have faced in the past year, including the raising of their triplets, who turned one in July. This is an excerpt from that story - for more on the story and more photos of the family, see the Review's Sept. 4 issue:

The year 2018 was highly eventful and tumultuous for the Trevor and Danielle Johnston family of Griffin, but with the family settled into their new home and their triplets growing and developing nicely, life has returned to a normal level of chaos for the busy household.

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The Johnstons had more drama happen in their lives last summer than most families do in a lifetime, but they have come through that time with the help of family and friends, and even of strangers who wanted to help them out when news headlines went across the country and internationally detailing their ordeals.

Their triplets, Jack, Liam and Karlee, were born a year ago in July, and as they were premature had lived under the care of doctors and nurses at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for about a month.

While the family was in Regina to get the babies being released from the hospital, their farm home south of Griffin was destroyed by fire, leaving the family of nine homeless.

Through the efforts of family and friends, a gofundme page was set up and depots were set up in several locations as the family received an outpouring of household items, clothes and items for the newborn triplets, along with cash donations, to help them through this crisis.

The family worked with the insurance company to get their home replaced, and about a week before Christmas they finally were able to move in.

“It was a really nice Christmas,” said Danielle. “We didn’t have any furniture, except for a couple of tables and chairs, but it was kind of fun. We all sat on the floor. We were just so thankful to be in a home again.”

Sitting on the floor, she played with her triplets, helping Jack as he stood unsteadily on his legs and took a few steps. She helped Liam do the same, and her daughter Kate helped Karlee, who decided it was more fun to swing by her arms than to try walking.

“They’re actually right where they’re supposed to be,” said Danielle. “They go through assessments regularly and they’re doing really well.”

Karlee was the first of the three to be born, and she was born at home on July 16 while the ambulance was on the way out to the farm. Danielle had to perform CPR on Karlee on the floor of her bathroom while experiencing contractions, and once Danielle and Karlee were transported to hospital, Liam and Jack were born on July 17, with the boys being identical twins.