How to know when phone calls are from Sask. Health Authority

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) has some tips for helping the public know when a phone call is from the SHA for individuals receiving calls about test results and contact tracing:

Partial information exchange to confirm identity: At the beginning of the call, the SHA will provide the recipient with the first three digits of their Saskatchewan Health Card number.

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The recipient will then be asked to provide the last three digits of their health card. The SHA may also ask individuals to confirm their first and last name, and date of birth. This will ensure that both the caller and recipient are legitimate. 

NOTE:This partial information exchange may not be possible in all situations; for example, when an individual is initially contacted by the SHA to inform them they are a close contact of a positive case. In these instances, the SHA may only have the individual’s first name and phone number.

Call-back option:If you are unsure of the legitimacy of the caller or you prefer not to answer your phone when an unknown number appears, please take note of the number and call back to verify that it is an SHA number.

When calling back, you will either be connected with an SHA representative or receive a recording indicating you have reached the Saskatchewan Health Authority and that a representative of the SHA will try to reach you again from the same number.

When the SHA calls, it is possible that the number displayed on your phone may be from out of country.

This is because the SHA is using a Hosted Call Centre. If you prefer not to answer an unknown call, please take note of the number and call back to verify. This is especially important during the pandemic in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from potentially fraudulent calls.

Remember to also take protective measures against COVID-19, including: wearing a mask, physical distancing, washing your hands, staying home when sick and getting tested.