Local couple safely delivers baby at Weyburn hospital

A Weyburn couple gave birth to a baby girl at the Weyburn General Hospital recently, one of only a handful to have occurred since the maternity unit closed.

Thomas Prince and his wife, Lincy George, had come to the hospital the evening of May 26.

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“In the evening, I had a little bit of pain, so we went to the Weyburn General Hospital,” said Lincy, noting she had also been at the Regina General Hospital three days earlier when she experienced some pain. “They checked me over, and they put me in an ambulance to go to Regina.”

The ambulance got about four kilometres from Weyburn when Lincy’s water broke, and the paramedics decided to turn the ambulance around and head back to the Weyburn hospital.

Lincy gave birth a short time later, just after midnight on May 27, to baby Thiya who weighed in about 5.1 pounds or 2.34 kg, a sister for Eva, who is six years old.

The couple immigrated to Weyburn about a year ago from India, and both parents are working in the city.

According to the Saskatchewan Health Authority, “Most local area women now give birth in Regina, Moose Jaw or Estevan. Women would only give birth at Weyburn General Hospital if delivery is imminent.”

The maternity unit at Weyburn General Hospital closed in June 2007. After the unit closed, there was only one year that the number of births was higher than five (2008 – eight births).

In the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 no births occurred at the facility; at least one birth occurred in each of the other years. In total from 2007 to 2019, 23 births have occurred at the facility.

In regard to whether there are any plans to re-establish a maternity ward at the Weyburn hospital, or in the new one once that becomes a reality, the SHA said in an email, “At this point in time there are no plans to reinstate obstetrical services now or in the future.”

Aside from the ambulance needing to turn back around, the couple was very happy with the care they received with baby Thiya. They are also enjoying their time in Weyburn, as Thomas said this is a “good, quiet safe city” where they can raise their children.