Local woman sends bandage rolls to India mission

Sandy Johnson’s mother, Doreen Brown, is legally blind, and for many years she has been tearing up sheets and rolling them by hand into rolls of bandages to be sent to India.

This past week she was honoured when the missionary who transports them from Weyburn to the villages in India presented her with a framed picture of a man who had his leg wrapped with one of the bandages she had made.

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Sandy recently posted on social media that she was looking for more sheets to roll as she had no more.

Several people responded as well as the Canalta Hotel, which agreed to partner with her to provide her with unusable sheets from their establishment.

“The manager told me it is a perfect match for them as it meets their mission statement to clean up the earth by recycling,” said Johnson.

Anyone wishing to donate clean cotton sheets either plain or patterned can drop them off to her at Bison Manor.

The only restriction is no dark colours, as they are too hard for her to work with because of her eyesight.