Mayor at national police board conference

Education and training will be made available for municipal police commissions, said Weyburn’s Mayor Marcel Roy, reporting on the national conference for Canadian Police Governance board in Toronto he recently attended.

The mayor is a representative for Saskatchewan on the national board, and is chair of the Weyburn Police Commission. He provided an update at the council meeting on Sept. 24.

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“We accomplished quite a lot,” said Mayor Roy, noting the national body is going to draft a document to list the rights and responsibilities of police commission members, as well as what their roles are.

A goal for 2019 is to develop a three-module training program for police commission board members, which will help civilian board members understand their roles better.

“Canada is very unique in the world, as we are the only country with police governance with civilian oversight of police forces,” said Mayor Roy.

“We as a Weyburn board have added a lot to the national board,” he added, noting that Rob Stephanson from Weyburn has served as the national president and is still a member of the city’s police commission.

• In an update on the state of Government Road, council was told there were delays to finishing it due to the recent rainy weather, which causes problems with the compaction. City engineer Nader Keshta said the city had received about an inch of rain by that time with more in the forecast, so the paving contractors, ASL Paving, wants to wait until conditions dry up more. City officials had earlier said that Government Road might be reopened to traffic by this time.

• Council gave final approval to a bylaw to close and sell an undeveloped street (Eighth Avenue West) and two lanes to Minard’s Leisure World, to enable them to expand their business on their site on Government Road South. The undeveloped roadways were part of a parcel of land that Minard’s is buying, and the roadways were not ever used and were inaccessible by the public.

• City council appointed city resident Grant Marcotte to the Environmental Resources committee.