Municipalities receive funds for approved projects

Saskatchewan municipalities continue moving forward on approved projects under the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program (MEEP) 2020, which made $150 million in provincial funds available to support economic recovery across Saskatchewan.

"A total of 760 municipalities in Saskatchewan have received funds through MEEP," Government Relations Minister Don McMorris said. "This $150 million program has gone a long way in helping our communities recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, and will result in many long-term benefits for Saskatchewan families."

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The City of Weyburn received $1,562,328 through the program to construct a new fleet storage building for the Public Works department.

The Town of Francis received $31,189 for an upgrade to their town shop, while the Town of Midale got funding for three projects, including $61,400 for an extension of Macoun Avenue to Grid road 606; $7,600 for subdividing land for a new fire hall; and $17,812 for water and sewer mains.

The Town of Ogema received $57,923 for wastewater lines upgrades, and the Town of Radville received $115,989 for street upgrades.

The Town of Stoughton received $93,280 for replacement of the main water supply line, while the Town of Yellow Grass received funding of $10,000 for crack sealing of streets; $36,000 for a new street sweeper; and $3,202 for a new generator for their water supply system.

The Village of Ceylon received $15,954 to install a generator for the village, and the Village of Creelman received $16,241 for sewer main upgrades.

The Village of Fillmore received $44,700 for upgrades to their skating rink, and the Village of Goodwater received $1,500 for new siding and a roof for the municipal mower garage, and $2,812 for new siding and roof at the ball diamond concession booth.

The Village of Halbrite received funding for three projects, including $6,500 for dust proofing in 2020, $6,500 for dust proofing in 2021, and $4,100 for rewiring of the waterworks system.

The Village of Lang received funding of $27,165 for their Official Communitiy Plan and zoning bylaw preparation, while the Village of McTaggart received funds of $4,000 for a mower; $6,000 to replace the furnace in the pumphouse, and $7,391 for a new gazebo.

The Village of Osage received $2,875 for a new tractor, and the Village of Pangman received funds for a number of projects, including $7,200 for frost boil repairs at Sask Avenue and Martin Street; $6,945 for frost boil repairs at Railway Avenue and Carruthers Street; $7,200 for frost boil repairs at Sask Avenue and Keeler Street; $6,000 to replace a fire hydrant at Mergens Street and Railway Avenue, and $6,000 to replace a fire hydrant at Railway Avenue and Loucks Street.

The RM of Brokenshell received $44,843 for a cold storage building, the RM of Cymri received $78,907 to upgrade Range Road 2122, and the RM of Fillmore received $22,051 for clay cap on local roads, and $10,000 for a gravel trailer.

The RM of Francis received $96,873 for a new shop and office building, and the RM of Griffin received $62,953 for a municipal shop.

The RM of Lake Alma received $39,094 for the Highway 18/28 improvement partnership, and the RM of Laurier received $42,544 to convert Todd’s Bridge to a culvert.

The RM of Lomond received $42,544 to remove and replace the Halbrite Road bridge, and the RM of Norton received $24,650 to replace a culvert and build up the shoulder, and $8,839 to replace another culvert.

The RM of Scott received $28,027 for an upgrade to the Farr bridge, the RM of Souris Valley received $42,256 for a truck, the RM of Tecumseh received $38,950 for gravel crushing, and the RM of The Gap received $28,602 for gravel crushing.

The RM of Weyburn received $152,927 for their new septage receiving station, and the RM of Wellington received $53,323 to construct a new RM shop.