Mystery tag from Weyburn found in Edmonton

A man named Chris Gardner, who was doing a search with a metal detector in Edmonton found an item with a Weyburn origin, and reached out to the Weyburn Review with this photo of the item and this request:

 “I dug up this 6cm X 3cm metal tag while metal detecting in an old field in north Edmonton this past summer. I also found a few bits of old horse tack, coins and such.

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I’m curious if your staff or readers may be able to help me identify the company on the tag: C. W. & C. Co. Ltd - Weyburn, Sask. I’d also like to know what it’s from.”

Reader Ken Murray, who grew up in Weyburn and now lives in Ottawa, emailed the following explanation for the tag:

"I live in Ottawa currently but grew up in Weyburn.
My dad, Sam Murray was manager of the cable plant from its first days as Western Wire and Cable, to when it changed to Canada Wire and Cable
This tag is one that was likely used on a reel of telephone or power cable that was manufactured at the plant.
these metal tags were stapled on the wooden reels as a means of identification, through those two holes in the side.
I worked there for many years while growing up in Weyburn and recognize the type of tag shown.
The identifier WW 34839 might have been used to designate it as part of a large order, for a particular customer and order.
Some of the older guys who worked at the plant, might recall what the WW might have been for.  The number as well likely was part of that particular job."

If anyone might have an idea about this tag, you can let Greg Nikkel know at the Weyburn Review, or Chris can be contacted by email at, or through Facebook Messenger: