Nickle Lake Regional Park to open June 1st with finished project

After an opening delay due to COVID-19, Nickle Lake Regional Park will open up for nightly, weekly and monthly campers on Monday, June 1, with the completion of a major new improvement project as a part of the opening.

The new development that has been underway for a few years is open for camping. The Crescent Point subdivision, on the northwest side of the park, has 40 long-term seasonal sites and 17 nightly sites that all boast 50-amp power and full-service sewer and water.

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Over 3,000 trees and grass has been planted and in a short time will be a beautiful area that overlooks the river.

This project has been the culmination of years of volunteering, planning and growth, and much of it was due to a core group of contributors.

The park board would like to thank these contributors for the many years of service that each gave to Nickle Lake Regional Park, including Terry Benning, Nickle Lake Regional Park board president, and Dan Cugnet, board member, who put a lot of time and thought into this project.

Past board members who were integral in the long-term success of the Park and made the new subdivision a reality include Hilarion Pohl, Graham Mackenzie, Chris Stehr, Charles Ries and Ken Cugnet.

Long-time board members Wayne Vilcu and Trevor Jensen continue to be board members and stewards.The board also thanked outgoing park manager Lisa Dennis.

Darcy McCormick and Jerry Mainil Limited were project managers and took a special lead on this major project, improving the park’s capacity significantly and adding such an important resource to the entire community for generations to come.

“We look forward to continuing this growth and improvement plan to situate the Park correctly for the next 40 years,” said park manager Sandra Popescu. “A big thank you to all of our campers, supporters and volunteers. Nickle Lake Park staff is thrilled to commence this camping season and welcome all of our campers back in now that we can open.”