Project manager hired for new Weyburn Hospital

The Saskatchewan Health Authority and Colliers Project Leaders entered into a contract for project management services for the replacement of acute care beds in Weyburn, in addition to the incorporation of existing emergency medical services and community services programs.

The announcement of this development was made by the Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation (WDHF) on July 30.

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A new hospital will replace the Weyburn General Hospital, the Weyburn Community Services Building and integrate Weyburn Ambulance Services.

Colliers Project Leaders are building and infrastructure project leaders who provide comprehensive and strategic solutions for infrastructure programs.

“The hiring of Colliers is an exciting next step for the new Weyburn Hospital,” said City of Weyburn manager, Mathew Warren. “Colliers will play the lead role in engaging our community in the project, and the City of Weyburn is looking forward to working with them throughout the project.”

“It’s a positive move forward, but this is just step No. 5 our of 18 steps,” said Mayor Marcel Roy, noting that Weyburn is going head to head with Prince Albert for the next health care capital project. The mayor said Weyburn’s facility will be roughly $100 million compared to about $500 million for Prince Albert’s facility, so possibly the government will go with the lower cost facility.

The Government of Saskatchewan will fund 80 per cent of the construction and looks to the community to make a significant commitment to a new facility through the Hospital Foundation. In addition to funding 20 per cent of the construction cost, the local community will also provide 100 per cent of the cost of new equipment.

The Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation has received more than $22 million in cash and commitments from a wide range of stakeholders, including the City of Weyburn, numerous surrounding RMs, towns and villages, businesses, community organizations and individuals.

The Foundation board is grateful and appreciative of the continued generosity of residents, businesses and municipal governments along with their ongoing support of the Foundation’s fundraising and advocacy efforts.

Having met their initial goal of $20 million for construction costs, every dollar donated will now bring them closer to their equipment goal of $10 million to ensure that the new hospital has advanced equipment and technology to support patient care.

This announcement represents one piece of a long process, and there will be much more work to do as development continues. Information will be provided as there is further progress.