QE class supports Inclusion Weyburn

The Grade 6 class at Queen Elizabeth School took up a challenge from their Classroom Champions mentor, and did a project in support of Inclusion Weyburn.

They collected bags of clothing and a wide variety of household items in support of their Yellow Bin program, and a truck from Inclusion Saskatchewan picked up their donations with the proceeds to support Inclusion Weyburn’s programs.

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The class issued a challenge to the other classes at Queen Elizabeth to collect the most items, and the winning class was allowed to have a dodgeball game against the teachers, with the school collecting over $600 for Inclusion Weyburn. The Grade 5 class won that challenge, and had their dodgeball match in December, with the teachers wearing bubble wrap.

In an interview with the students, they shared what they learned about Inclusion Weyburn, and their thoughts about supporting this organization.

Students noted that they hold family swims at the Leisure Centre, and hold a summer camp where students can take part who ordinarily would not have the opportunity.

“Everybody wants to be included,” said one student.

Students mentioned that there were many donations of bags of clothes and electronic items that still worked brought by members of the community, and the whole class helped to load the items into the truck when it came to pick up the donations.

Students went caroling at Christmas time with children involved with Inclusion Weyburn, attended the family swims with them, and also attended their Valentine’s dance which was held at the Wor-Kin Shop in February.

“Sometimes we hang out with the Inclusion kids, and make people feel more welcome,” added a student.

The class was also going to attend the Spring Fling dance and barbecue held on Thursday at Dominic’s Place, and set up a fun photo booth there for those attending.

The class’s teacher, Dara Uhren, noted the students have also done some education with their fellow students at Queen Elizabeth, as they put together a presentation that tells about what Inclusion Weyburn is all about and why they are in place.

“It made me happy that we could be helping them,” said a student, and a classmate added, “It helps that people feel more accepted.”

“I think it was a great way to take part in the community,” said another student.

“There are others out there who need more help,” was another comment.

Asked what they have learned through these activities, a student commented, “It will help us to include everyone and treat everyone the same.”