Quota Club Weyburn will continue to serve community

Submitted by Val Wing

Quota International of Weyburn has undergone a name change and will now be called Quota Club of Weyburn. The change was brought about by the dissolution of the International organization based out of Washington, DC. A sad demise for a service founded by Wanda Frey Joiner back in 1919.

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At the time it was her answer to all the men’s service clubs that did not allow women to be members. Much has changed in 100 years and service clubs now welcome women members. Another factor is it simply became too expensive to run the organization out of Washington DC with diminishing numbers. Travel for International meetings and conventions just grew beyond members’ pocketbooks and time commitments. Over time, Clubs around the world have become more community based and less “global”.

The one thing that has not changed is the local Weyburn membership’s desire to continue as a service club serving our Weyburn community. Present members made a decision to carry on, as there were concerns that many of the initiatives that they contribute to would simply not happen.

The questions asked included who would take on organizing the Annual Carol Festival ... in existence for 69 years. This event is a long-standing tradition enjoyed by many and often the first memory for many Weyburnites of ever being onstage.
Another question was would Women of the Year continue? After 20 years of recognizing women’s contributions in our community would it just end?

The long list of community supports - donations and hands on service includes: scholarships at Southeast College, music awards at local Weyburn Music Festival, purchasing of hearing systems used through Weyburn school classrooms, annual donation to the Marlene Yurkowski Toy Lending Library, Weyburn-Care-Van Society, Envision, Weyburn Salvation Army and consideration for many different requests for support. Presently the club is working towards a memorial donation for the soon to be built Weyburn General Hospital.

There is always a need in our community. Quota Club of Weyburn wants to fill that need. They have membership of all ages who enjoy the club camaraderie ...some who have held membership for over 25 years. They continue to enjoy friendships that grew by meeting twice a month for supper meetings and working together at various fundraising ventures. Many of us just enjoy a night out at Captain’s table with a nice meal prepared for us.

Quota Club of Weyburn with Kelly Hansen as current president continues to welcome new members who wish to serve the community as well as enjoy the sociability of meeting twice a month, held September to first week of December and January to the first week of June.