RCMP Traffic Services have license readers

All police vehicles of the RCMP’s Southeast Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan are now equipped with automated licence plate readers (ALPRs).
The readers will allow officers to quickly check the plates of any vehicle they pass for infractions, and to charge them accordingly. This includes spotting unregistered motor vehicles, identifying potential disqualified drivers, missing persons, stolen vehicles and so on.
“These are just some of the ways automated licence plate readers are assisting members with their duties every day,” said Sgt. Al Hofland of RCMP Traffic Services.
“The potential exists to use the ALPRs for other investigative purposes which haven’t been realized yet. This is a valuable tool members use each day to help keep our roads safe,” he added.
To date, the Southeast CTSS members have charged over 700 people for operating a motor vehicle or trailer without a certificate of registration or a registration permit. The fine for this charge is $580 for a motor vehicle, or $175 for a trailer.
RCMP members of the CTSS are located in Weyburn, Estevan, Carlyle, Broadview and Fort Qu’Appelle. The CTSS pilot project dedicates 60 officers to traffic safety enforcement in Saskatchewan. These officers target problematic roadways and intersections in the central and southeast regions of the province.

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