Rotary Club donates to local organizations

Representatives of four different organizations gathered at the Weyburn Rotary Club’s luncheon to receive donations on Thursday. From left are Garnet Hart of the Rotary Club; Andria Brady, Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop; Coun. Jeff Chessall, City of Weyburn’s Tatagwa Parkway; Amanda Hodgkin and Marie Hogemann, Challenger Baseball program; and Carol Ellingson, Weyburn Fiddle Contest. The donation to the Wor-Kin Shop will go towards their new bus; the donation to the Parkway will be for improvements to city parks; and for the fiddle contest, it is in support of their event coming up on Saturday, June 1, at Grace United Church, the last-ever fiddle contest to be hosted.

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