SE area municipalities to receive Safe Restart federal funds

Government Relations Minister Lori Carr announced that Saskatchewan’s portion of the federal Safe Restart Canada Plan for municipal governments, approximately $70.32 million, will be distributed immediately to all compliant Saskatchewan municipalities.

The following are the municipalities in the Weyburn region and the amounts of the grants they will be receiving.

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The City of Weyburn will receive $648,439 through this program.

Towns in the area and the amounts they are receiving are as follows: Francis, $12,945; Midale, $36,031; Ogema, $24,041; Radville, $48,141; Stoughton, $38,715; and Yellow Grass, $28,515.

Villages and the amounts they are receiving are as follows: Ceylon, $6,622; Creelman, $6,741; Fillmore, $18,552; Forget, $3,281; Goodwater, $1,790; Halbrite, $7,099; Lang, $11,275; McTaggart, $7,218; Osage, $1,193; Pangman, $13,840; Sedley, $21,356; and Torquay, $15,212.

Rural Municipalities and the amounts they are receiving as follows:

Brokenshell, $18,612; Cymri, $32,750; Fillmore, $13,303; Francis, $40,207; Griffin, $26,128; Lake Alma, $16,226; Laurier, $17,658; Lomond, $17,658; Norton, $13,899; Scott, $11,633; Souris Valley, $17,538; Tecumseh, $16,166; The Gap, $11,871; Wellington, $22,132; and Weyburn, $63,472.

“As Saskatchewan returns to a new normal, this is another important investment to help municipalities and their residents weather the storm,” Carr said. “This funding will support efforts to protect health and safety, prepare for potential future waves of COVID-19, and facilitate the safe re-opening of economies.”

Of the amount, $62.26 million will be granted in general municipal support on a per capita basis, while $8.07 million will be allocated to municipal public transit support for the four cities with transit systems. Quickly and efficiently, the amounts will start to be distributed immediately so municipal leaders can funnel dollars to areas of highest local priority.

This federal funding was matched by $150 million, announced previously from the Government of Saskatchewan in the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program (MEEP).

Additionally, this summer, the province fast-tracked a record breaking $278 million in Municipal Revenue Sharing. Annual, no-strings attached funding was paid directly to municipalities to support local priorities and recovery efforts.