Three new physicians bring services to Weyburn

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has confirmed there are three new family doctors in place in the city, with a fourth doctor here on a temporary assignment.

The doctors are filling vacancies left after a number of physicians moved from Weyburn, leaving a number of residents without a physician to access without travelling outside of Weyburn.

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“We are pleased to advise that three family physicians have joined the Weyburn Health Centre this month,” said Trevor Tessier, Director of Primary Health Care for Southeast 8 (Weyburn and area).

Drs. Ebelechukwu Ejiofor, Dr. Arian Ravaei and Dr. Saheed Gbamgbola all started their practices near the beginning of February.

They can be reached for appointments by calling 306-842-5444.

In addition, Dr. Pradeep Amarasooriya is joining the Weyburn Primary Health Care Clinic until the end of July. Dr. Amarasooriya can be reached for appointments by calling 306-842-8790.

“We extend a hearty welcome to all of the doctors, and hope their stay here is incredible, as we have so much going on in our city,” said Mayor Marcel Roy.

“We’d like to say our appreciation that they have chosen Weyburn as a place to set up their practice, because people in the community are most grateful for these doctors, considering the shortage that we went through here. A very good welcome to these doctors,” he added.

“We welcome these new physicians to their family practices in our community and look forward to getting to know them,” said Tessier.

“We also want to extend thanks to the community of Weyburn for its patience while the recruitment process was underway. We anticipate these new physicians will improve speed and access to primary care services in Weyburn and area and help ensure the good health of our residents moving forward.”