Traditional land-use study underway for Metis Nation - Saskatchewan

A Traditional Land Use Study is being done for the Elders of the Metis Nation — Saskatchewan, with the purpose to collect information from community members of how the land was an important part of family and community life growing up in the Qu’Appelle Valley and surrounding area.

The current generation of Elders are growing older, and it is very important to capture their traditional knowledge of the Region while there is still time to doso.

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The study focuses on MN-S Eastern Region III, which starts near Qu’Appelle Valley and runs as far south as the U.S. border. ERIII is home to 8 Locals in Fort Qu’Appelle, Lestock, Estevan, Lebret, Weyburn, Sintaluta, Rocanville and MooseMountain.

“For the study to be successful, we need your participation. You control the narrative; you choose the questions. We created a process centered around you and your comfortlevel,” said Shauna McNabb Cote, community coordinator for the land-use study.

If interested, please contact the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan, and you will be sent an Interview Mail-out aackagecontaining:

• Information about the Study, our Region,etc.

• Interview questions for you to choosefrom

• A shortquestionnaire

• Map(s) that you can help label andidentify Métis Settlement, Homesteads,etc.

• Consent forms to sign forparticipation

• A self-addressed stamped envelope for yourconvenience

Marg Friesen, Chair of the TLU Study said, “As the Regional Representative and a member of Metis Nation Saskatchewan, I encourage you to participate or take part in this project to embrace our history, preserve our culture, traditions, and identity. This project most importantly celebrates our families and communities throughout the region. Just listening to the recorded interviews and the stories bring back good memories of my own family’s oral history. We, along with so many other families overcame such adversity and were very resilient and resourceful in challenging times throughout the years. This project provides an opportunity to capture that history.“

Please go to www.mnseasternregion3.comor email tlus_eriii@sasktel.netto share your story.