Trip to food store a ‘life experience’ for Weyburn class

A Grade 5 class from St. Michael School had a practical field trip on Wednesday, as they visited the Prairie Sky Co-op’s food store on an assignment for their Health and Science classes. (The photos shown are by Sabrina Kraft of the Weyburn Review.)

As teacher Chad Klein explained, “They were using their knowledge from class, such as about the Canada Food Guide, where they learned about making food choices, and we coupled that with the assignment to make good choices for food.”

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As a test to see if they learned and understood what he taught the in class, he tasked the students to go through the selections of food and to list what food choices they would make within a given budget, with the choices to be as nutritious and economical as possible.

“They had to go around the story and figure out what to get, balancing the cost with nutrition,” said Klein. “It’s a real-life experience for the students.”

After they made their choices at the store, they returned to class and had to write an explanation for why they made the choices they did within the parameters of the budget they had to work with.

The teacher said his students enjoyed the trip, and noted none of them were bored by the assignment.

“They were engaged, and were checking out the food labels and the prices,” he said, adding their class on the Food Guide included such issues as the sugar and sodium levels in food, as well as what vitamins and minerals the food had.