Two new first-time Weyburn council candidates file papers

Two new candidates for Weyburn city council have filed their nomination papers, Casey Drullette, and Melanie Sorensen, who is also running for re-election to the Southeast Cornerstone school board.

Drullette, a letter carrier for Canada Post, and vice-president of the union local for Weyburn, said he’s been thinking about doing this for the last eight years, and decided this year he would put his name forward as a candidate.

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He said he doesn’t have any particular issue or concern with the city.

“I just feel like someone my age and in my position could have a really good connection with people, and bring new ideas to the table,” he said, noting he’s been following council closely, and has attended the last few meetings to get a handle on what business they have been covering.

In the course of his job also, he’s been touching base with people about their concerns, and has heard many different views on what the city is doing.

Drullette said he would like to see new businesses come to Weyburn as well as grow in population.

“We can really grow here. Twenty years ago, look at how the city was for business. It’s nothing like that any more,” he said.

Another area he thinks is important are the parks and recreation facilities, which provide facilities and amenities that are important to all ages of residents.

“I’m just looking to the future, that’s the biggest thing for me. Twenty years ago, this was a much different city. I believe we could still grow and bring people here, and create new jobs,” he said.

Sorensen is seeking two different positions in this election, and notes they do not conflict with each other or with any work position.

“I was fortunate enough to be elected to the Southeast Cornerstone board, and I’ve greatly enjoyed my time there. We’ve seen some challenges, and some really interesting things during my time there. It’s been a wonderful learning experience,” she said of her school trustee position, which she is seeking re-election for.

As for city council, she said, “I think what I bring to the table is valuable. I happen to be very fortunate in that I have time to do both. I want to bring my skills and abilities and use it towards working for the community of Weyburn.”

She added she is a lifelong learner and has a passion for education, so she wants to continue with that position. She is on the board’s audit committee, and at the provincial level, is on the audit committee for the Saskatchewan School Boards Association.

“In four years, you really don’t get to see it all or be involved in all aspects … so it would be nice to continue with the board,” she said, noting she has had a lengthy career as an accountant and as the office manager of the Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation, which have given her skills she can use at the board table and council table.

She has two grown children who took all of their K-12 education in Weyburn, and she was also born and raised in Weyburn, with her parents both very involved in various things like coaching ball, and involvement in the Legion and the United Church.

“I love this community, and find it very supportive,” said Sorensen, noting that as a single mom, she had much support from friends and family, and feels by serving in these capacities she is able to give back to the community.