Weyburn city council issues an apology

(Note: Weyburn City Council issued the following joint statement on Friday morning, in reference to the discussions around the denial of an application to build a group home residence in The Creeks.)

“We would like to sincerely apologize to the community of Weyburn, the province of Saskatchewan and fellow Canadians who have been hurt by the words said in Council Chambers on Monday.

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“We are deeply sorry for the dialogue which caused suffering to the individuals with disabilities in our community and the distress this has placed on residents across our city and province. The intent of the conversation was never to hurt or exclude any group or individuals. We handled the situation poorly and the statements that were made are not excusable.

“As elected leadership of this city, the insensitive words said on Monday do not reflect what our community is about. We support the tremendous work being done by our incredible residents, families and organizations who have committed to making Weyburn a better place and commend their values of compassion, advocacy and inclusion.

“We humbly and deeply apologize to Weyburn, Saskatchewan and our country. As a council, we are continuing to exhaust all avenues to find a solution to get the care home built and to begin the healing process with our community.”

Sincerely, Weyburn City Council