Weyburn Comp team asks for votes for case study video submission

A team from the Weyburn Comprehensive School’s Entrepreneurship class has entered a video in a case competition at SAIT in Calgary, and are hoping to garner votes online for their submission.

The team consists of Kate Goranson, Russ Shumlich, Ben Michel and Dalton Chicoine, and they competed in the 2021 SAIT CASE CLASH, with Orientation Day on April 10th where the case study was presented to the team.

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Part of the competition is the top 10 videos with the most likes will be passed along to the judges.

“Please HELP THEM get the MOST LIKES for being excellent Weyburn Comprehensive School ambassadors, representing our fine school and city!,” said teacher Margot Arnold, in urging the community to get behind the students and support them.

The WCS team’s submission is under the name of The Case Solvers. To view the video, go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwZ4H_SJ3ZNtuoURxOT9h-A

Click on link, and find their video, and hit “like”.

The team had until midnight on April 14th to prepare their research, and video their presentation to submit.

To deconstruct a Case Study, the team had to:

1. Introduce main issue (including the key issues and a problem statement)

2. Environmental Analysis

3. Strategic Alternatives — Option evaluation

4. Implementation: Marketing Strategy – Financial Analysis – Timeline

5. Conclusion