Weyburn Comprehensive has special edition Students of the Month

The Weyburn Comprehensive School staff have issued a special COVID-19 online learning version of the Students of the Month for both the junior and senior high grades:

Hailey Baggs, Arts ed; Shelby Olweny, supplemental learning; Laksmi Ortega, Arts ed; Tristan Palpallatoc, Math, ELA and science; Jyllian Payak, Social and ELA/Math; Grace Pederson, Science; Katie Pelchat, 7-4 online learning; Cedrick Perez, Arts ed; Kailyn McFadden, Science; Ethan Petlock, all classes; Jayla Pierce, Math, Health, Arts ed and Social; Hayden Pulfer, Math; Amy Roemer, Band/Arts ed, 7-2 online learning and Health; Jacey Rowland, volleyball; Megan Schmidt, volleyball; Kaedee Schultz, 7-2 online learning; Mattea Sexton, Science; Chahel Shah, Social and 8-5 online learning; Mason Sidloski, Math, Social and 8-5 supplemental learning; Singh Simranjit, Arts ed; Noah Sobkowicz, 7-2 online learning; Hayden Sterling, Social/Science, Health and 7-3 supplemental learning; Amy Swayze, 7-4 online learning, Social and Science; Rudolf Telizki, Math, ELA and Science; Manuel Telizki, Science/Social; Jacob Tollefson, 7-4 online learning and Science; Brett Bowler, History 30; and Rochelle Toporowski, Science.

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The list also includes Nolan Uhren, 7-4 online learning and Science; Hallee Vinck, Math and Grade 9; Alisha Vogel, Band/Arts ed; Carlee Wade, Band/Arts ed, 8-5 online learning and Health; Kailyn Wallin, Math, Science, Health and Social; Brody Walter, Social and 7-5 online learning; Teresa Weger, Math; Vaughn Wendall, 7-3 supplemental learning, Band/Arts ed and Science/Social; Josh Wiens, Math and Social; Gian Zagada, 7-4 online learning and Science; Niegel Zagada, 7-4 online learning and Science; Hayden LaRocque, ELA; Whitney Lanz-McIntyre, 7-1 supplemental learning, Science and Social; Jun Lee, Science/ELA; Sawyer Leko, 7-2 online learning; Ivy Ling, Arts ed; Kristin Loroff, Band/Arts ed, Science, Social and 7-1 supplemental learning; Faith Magawa, Band/Arts ed, and 8-4 online learning; Nicole Malana, Band/Arts ed, Social and 7-1 supplemental learning; Sam Mallory, 8-4 supplemental learning; Liam Maloney, Math, ELA and Science; Emily Marcotte, Social and 7-5 supplemental learning; Kailyn McFadden, 7-4 supplemental learning and Social; and Cooper McKinney, Math, Health, Social and Science.

The list included Ashtyn McMorris for Grade 9; Sienna McMorris, Science/Social; Dominic Mejia, Math; Shan Mejia, Arts ed; Senzo Mlilo, Social; Carys Moffatt, Band/Arts ed; Cale Mohan, Math, Band/Arts ed, and Science; Hailey Moule, Science; Nina Deane, Arts ed; Everett Murray, Math, ELA, PAA and Science; Thomas Olson, 7-4 online learning, Social and Science; Tara Olson, Arts ed; Shelby Olweny, Band/Arts ed, 8-5 online learning, Social, Health and ELA; Grayson Hemphill, ELA; Rayna Hennie, Science and ELA/Math; Paige Hermann, Social, Math, ELA, PAA, Health, Phys. Ed, Science and Arts ed; Alianna Higgins, Arts ed; Ryder Hignett, Social, Science and ELA/Math; Josh Hoffart, Math, Science, Health, ELA and Social; Jordyn Hughes, Science/Social; Josee Hutt, 7-4 online learning and Social; Marcus Isaak, Social.

Also on the list are Desirae Jensen, Social; Darius Jones, Band/Arts ed, and Science; Sydney Gilmore, Arts ed; Aimee Jones, Science and Arts ed; Tamara Kater, ELA; Semi Kaur, Math; Jayren Schultz, Band/Arts ed; Conner Kerr, Band/Arts ed, Math, Science, Health and Social; Brinlee Klapak, Band/Arts ed, Science, 7-2 online learning and Health; Allison Klassen, Social, Science and 7-4 online learning; Ava Knibbs, 7-4 online learning and Social; Noah Kopec, Math; Charlotte Kosior, Science/Social; Chace Kradovill, Arts ed; Shantal Copley, Math, Science, Arts ed, ELA and Social; Callie Dammann, 7-2 online learning and Health; Alexie Daviduk, Social; Tessa Daviduk, Arts ed; Allison Demchynski, 8-5 online learning, Health and Phys. Ed; Kaitlyn Demchynski, Math and Social; Rori Dickie, 8-5 online learning and ELA; Hayden Dodd, all classes; Riley Donison, all classes; Stuart Dunn, Science/Social; and Justin Duran, 7-4 online learning, Band/Arts ed, Social and Science.

The list also includes Hayden Elias-White, ELA/Math; Nikola Erasmus, Math, ELA and Arts ed; Tia Fellner, 8-5 online learning, social and ELA; Parker Franklin, Math, Science and Health; Hadley Gerle, Band/Arts ed, Science, 7-2 online learning and Phys. Ed; Houstyn Gerry, 7-4 online learning; Gracen Gillespie, Health and Arts ed; Camryn Greve, Band/Arts ed, 8-4 online learning and Phys. Ed; Art Gyrus, Science; Brie Hallberg, Band/Arts ed, Math, Science, ELA, Health and Social; Kieran Hamel, 8-4 online learning and Phys. Ed; Lana Hamel, ELA; Vernon Ernst, all classes; Kaitlin Demchynski, ELA and Phys. Ed; Nina Deane, ELA and Math; Nick Lumb, all classes; Matthew Macute, all classes; Cale Mohan, ELA/Social; Nakita North, all classes; Antonius Quist, all classes; Tristan Potuer, all classes; Aiden Ausland-Guest, Science; Emily Alexander, Social, Math/ELA; Donald Alexander, Math, Science and Social; Kelsie Arthur, Arts ed; Brittany Barber, 7-2 online learning; Matthew Barlow, Science and 7-2 online learning.

The Students of the Month also includes Sarah Bazurto, all classes; Sy Boquida, Arts ed; Andrew Bratrud, online learning, Social Studies and Science; Dolan Brooks, Math, Science, Health and Social Studies; Owen Burdan, Math and 9 online learning; Jonas Burdan, 7-2 online learning; Drey Burgos, 7-2 online learning; Bailey Burnett, Health; Natalie Butz, ELA, Band/Arts ed, Math, Science, Health and Social; Sawyer Carlson, Arts ed; Naysa Chessall, Science/Social; Sierra Chief, 7-4 online learning and Science; Jaydon Chief, Math, Health, Arts ed and Social; J’anne Colbow, Social; Caiden Cone, Math; Bri Ana Cook, 7-2 online learning; Simran Singh, online learning, Math, Health PE and Grade 9; Hailey Moule, Math; and Conner Kerr, ELA and Phys. Ed.

The list also includes the following: Abby Akins, Cos 30; Kelsie Arthur, Health; Kimberly Balayar, Math; Carter Block, Math; Maddy Bocian, Health Sciences 20; Kyle Bowman Schmidt, Health; Kieran Hamel, ELA; Lucas Hughes, Math; Devon Jensen, FIP online learning; Aimee Jones, Health and Math; Darius Jones, Math; Ireland Kelly, all classes; Kinsey Kenway, Math; Gracyn Knipfel, Math; Max Laurence, Math; Piper McKinney, Math; Ashtyn McMorris, Math; Shelby Olweny, Phys. Ed; Laksmi Palomares-Ortega, Math and Health; Jared Pederson, Math and Health; Cedrick Perez, Math; Laurenz Presto, Math; Erin Rogers, Math; Ashton Sanguin, online learning and Health; Kent Shumlich, Math; Erika Sinn, Math; Bailey Sorenson, Math; Deveny Sterling, Math and Health PE; Tristan Storle, Math; Zoe Tichkowski, Math; Josephine Wagstaff, supplemental learning; Jordan Williams, FIP online learning; Riley Wilson, FIP online learning; and Demo Budney, all classes online learning.