Weyburn Fire Dept. visits schools for Fire Prevention Week

Members of the Weyburn Fire Department visited Grade 2 classes at all of the schools in Weyburn for Fire Prevention Week.

The photos shown are of fire fighter Mark Schweitzer, visiting a Grade 2 class at St. Michael School on Thursday with the fire simulation trailer.

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First he spoke to the students about fire safety tips, including doing a practice of “drop-and-roll” in case their clothes catch fire, and then they went out to the trailer.

They practiced how the children should react if the smoke alarm goes off indicating a fire in their home. They first check the door with the back of their hand to see if it’s too hot to open, and if it is, they escape out the bedroom window to safety.

Schweitzer was assisted by fire department chaplain Tim MacKinnon in helping the children practice their escape safely.