Weyburn General Hospital transitions back to regular operations

New outbreak declared at Crocus Plains Villa

The Saskatchewan Health Authority would like to advise residents of Weyburn and surrounding area that the Weyburn General Hospital has returned to regular operations and is able to admit COVID and non-COVID acute care patients again effective today, January 25.

A new outbreak was declared on Sunday for Crocus Plains Villa in Weyburn, with two individuals who tested positive for COVID-19.

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In an update provided on Monday for the Weyburn hospital, there are currently two active cases of patients and staff who have tested positive for COVID. The outbreak remains in place at the Weyburn Hospital.

There is no change in the number of COVID deaths at the Weyburn Special Care Home, where three people who tested positive for COVID-19 have died. There have been 27 positive cases among residents and staff members. There are currently five active cases.

Non-COVID patient care needs were met in hospitals in surrounding rural locations, primarily Estevan. Emergency room services at Weyburn Hospital were not impacted and continued to be available and accessible.

Due to increased COVID-19 activity in the Weyburn area and required realignment of health services to support patient care, Weyburn General Hospital was temporarily transitioned to caring exclusively for COVID positive patients on inpatient wards on Jan. 17.

Redeployed health care providers helped stabilize the Weyburn General Hospital workforce and the ability to replace staff when they fell ill, allowing Weyburn to meet the service demands and care needs related to COVID surge.

Similarly, the cooperation of the hospitals in neighbouring communities in accommodating the transfer of non-COVID patients from Weyburn, allowed for the separation of COVID and non-COVID to reduce the risk of COVID transmission.