Weyburn Horticulture awards presented

The Weyburn Horticulture Society held their awards night on Wednesday for the top winners of the annual Horticulture Show, which was held in conjunction with the Weyburn Wheat Festival in August.

For Class 1, the Eva Howell Trophy for the best houseplant went to Joan Hallberg Mayer.

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For Class 2, the Jean Procknow Trophy for the best display of cut flowers went to Alisha Bell, and in Class 3, the Shirley Jacob Trophy for the best display of roses went to Ilene Johnston, who also won the Class 5 Weyburn Horticulture Society Trophy for the best dahlia.

Janet Woodard was a multiple winner, as she took Class 6, the George and Anne Pierce Trophy for the best three spikes of gladiola; Class 8, the Joyce Hemphill Trophy for best Floral Arrangement; the Anne Pierce Trophy for the People’s Choice award; and in the grand aggregate trophy category, the C.W. Steele Silver Cup for gladioli, with 30 points.

For Class 7, the Weyburn Horticulture Society Trophy for best floral art went to Grace Plonka, and she also won the C.H. Hurst Trophy for the best plate of tomatoes.

She also won the grand aggregate trophy, the Weyburn Young Fellows Silver Cup, with 78 points for flowers, and she won the Grand Championship, D.J. Mitchell Cup, for her total points in all categories with 109 points.

For Class 9, the Sam Beggs Trophy for the best plate of potatoes went to Myrna Jacob.

The grand aggregate trophy for vegetables, the Jim Weir Silver Cup, went to Janet Van Winkoop, who garnered 55 points.

In the junior class, Jacey Watson won the Swift Memorial grand aggregate trophy for total points, with 45 points.

Two longtime members of the Horticulture Society, Delois Sunde and Connie Watson, were presented with lifetime memberships “in recognition and appreciation of the leadership, dedication and long service in the interest of our society.”