Weyburn Hospital Foundation benefits from coffee drinkers

The Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation were the beneficiaries of some coffee drinking at Weyburn’s McDonalds restaurant this year.

The restaurant allocated 10 cents from every cup of coffee sold in 2020 towards the Hospital Foundation, and on Friday they presented a cheque for $8,148 to the Foundation.

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Present for the donation are, from left to right, Somayeh Aminpour and Amir Aminpour, owner-operator of McDonald’s; Mayor Marcel Roy; Jeff Hayward of the Weyburn Hospital Foundation; and Liza Sarmiento, restaurant manager.

The Hospital Foundation was buoyed by the news in early September that the site has been selected for Weyburn’s new hospital, and the foundation will be continuing to fundraise for the equipment needed for the new facility.

The 35-bed integrated health care facility is slated to be built by 2023, on a 20-acre parcel on Fifth Avenue North west of Fifth Street.