Weyburn installs new solar-powered crosswalk

A new pedestrian project was completed on Wednesday which will help improve safety near one of Weyburn’s busiest parks.

A solar powered push button crosswalk light was installed at the intersection of 13th Street and Coteau Avenue, across from Don Mitchell Park.

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“The City was concerned with the rates of speed and overall incidence of driver attention in the area,” said director of engineering Jennifer Wilkinson. “This location acts as a transit or access point for significant numbers of small children and families and the safety of our residents and visitors is very important to us.”

This light is part of the Weyburn Pedestrian Safety Initiative, an ongoing program the City of Weyburn implemented in spring of 2020. The project was fully funded for a total $6,751.43 through the Government of Saskatchewan’s Provincial Traffic Safety Fund grant program.

The pedestrian light increases visibility and protection at an intersection that sees a high volume of vulnerable pedestrians. The objective for the project is to prevent collisions between vehicles and at-risk pedestrians and improve driver awareness.

The City of Weyburn looks forward to working with the Government of Saskatchewan on future projects that will improve safety for its residents.