Weyburn Lions Club ready to pick up food items

The Weyburn Lions Club are offering to pick up the donations in early December to take the food to the Salvation Army food bank.

Members of the Lions were at food stores on Friday to hand out flyers that listed a different food item for each day through the month of November.

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They are offering to the public to send them a message through Facebook (to “Weyburn Lions Club”) between Sunday, Dec. 1 and Dec. 8, and they will arrange to come pick up the food donations.

Among the items suggested through November are some of the most-needed ones for the food bank, including pasta and pasta sauce, canned vegetables, meat and fruit, juice boxes, pancake mix, syrup, cereal, soup, brown beans, Hamburger Helper or Sidekicks, peanut butter, jam, shampoo, body wash potatoes, a small turkey or ham a school safe snack, coffee, crackers, cookies or other treats, and Christmas treats. The following is the complete list of requested items during November.

November 1 ~ Canned Vegetables
November 2 ~ Juice
November 3 ~ Spaghetti
November 4 ~ Pasta Noodles (Macaroni, Penne etc.)
November 5 ~ Stuffing Mix
November 6 ~ Pasta Sauce
November 7 ~ Kraft Dinner
November 8 ~ Pancake Mix
November 9 ~ Syrup
November 10 ~ Canned Fruit
November 11 ~ Cookies or other treats
November 12 ~ Canned Meat
November 13 ~ Cereal
November 14 ~ Soup
November 15 ~ Brown Beans
November 16 ~ Crackers
November 17 ~ Hamburger Helper
November 18 ~ Side Kicks
November 19 ~ Minute Rice
November 20 ~ Instant Oatmeal
November 21 ~ Coffee
November 22 ~ School Safe Snack
November 23 ~ Juice Boxes
November 24 ~ Peanut Butter
November 25 ~ Jam
November 26 ~ Shampoo
November 27 ~ Body Wash
November 28 ~ Bag of Potatoes
November 29 ~ Small Turkey or Ham or any kind of Christmas Treat
November 30 ~ A Christmas Card with your personal message!

Just message our Facebook page “Weyburn Lions Club”
Sunday December 1st to Sunday 8th December to arrange pick up!