Weyburn McDonald’s manager recognized with national award

Liza Sarmiento, manager of the McDonald’s Restaurant in Weyburn, was awarded the 2020 Outstanding Manager of the Year award from McDonald’s Canada. This award recognizes the top performing managers across the country.

“It meant so much to me to receive this award. I feel so honoured, and that the achievement recognized all the years that I have dedicated to McDonalds,” said Sarmiento.

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Every day, Sarmiento works diligently beside her crew to serve quality food, with excellent service and warm smiles to restaurant guests. In addition, her significant contribution to employee growth, marketing and restaurant operations, continues to make a positive impact on both employees and guests.  

Born and raised in the Philippines, Sarmiento began her journey with McDonald’s 20 years ago in her hometown of Manila. She started as crew and worked her way up to manager. Then Sarmiento moved to Weyburn in 2013 to continue her career with McDonald’s.

“When I first moved to Weyburn, I was very nervous. As time went on, I fell in love with the community. The people here are very friendly,” said Sarmiento.

Dedicating more than half her life to the company, Sarmiento has had the opportunity to attend leadership training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and a McDonald’s Canada convention in Toronto, where she met McDonald’s Canada Founder, George Cohon, which was a highlight of her career. 

“Working at McDonald’s for 20 years, this award feels incredibly special and fulfilling on a personal level,” said Sarmiento. “I would like to credit my entire restaurant team for helping me achieve this award. Without their own hard work and dedication, I wouldn’t be able to excel in my role or receive accolades like this.” 

Every year, McDonald's franchisees and regional management nominate restaurant managers across the country for the Outstanding Manager of the Year award to recognize their hard work, dedication, and commitment to McDonald's Canada and its customers. 

“Liza continues to go above and beyond to make sure the restaurant operates at a high level of service, cleanliness and food quality,” said Amir Aminpour, Weyburn McDonald’s franchisee. “Liza’s attention to crew satisfaction, which directly translates into excellent guest experiences, is second to none. This award is a well-deserved achievement.” 

Recognitions like the Outstanding Manager of the Year Award reflect McDonald’s commitment to creating memorable employment opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. With a focus on employee growth, the company strives to offer its employees with the skills and experience they need to progress in their careers, with around 90 per cent of restaurant managers beginning their careers as crew.  To help employees on their career path, McDonald’s Canada and its franchisees offer competitive wages, flexible work schedules and scholarship programs.