Weyburn police restricts access to police station

Effective immediately the Weyburn Police Service will lock the front door of the Weyburn Police Service office. The Police Service remains open and fully functional responding to all calls at this time.

“We are committed to our responsibility to ensure public safety and the protection of our Staff is paramount in order to fulfil that objective,” said acting Police Chief Rod Stafford.

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The police service is also suspending in-person criminal record checks. Anyone needing a criminal record check is asked to use the on-line application portal found on their website at www.weyburnpolice.ca. Results will be emailed. Anyone who is picking up an already applied for Criminal record is asked to contact 306-848-3250 to arrange to have that document emailed to you. Please do not attend in person to pick up your record check.

Anyone requiring fingerprints for Immigration files or any other emergent or important reason is asked to contact the Weyburn Police Service at 306-848-3250. The staff will make a determination of if and how they can assist you and may provide you with some personal safety recommendations (mask, gloves) before attending to the police service.

“We are asking everyone to make telephone contact with the police your first choice rather than physically coming to the police station. If your concern requires a police officer to come to your location you will be asked a short series of questions regarding the current state of health of everyone in your residence, along with recent past travel history. This will assist our officers in determining what, if any, precautions they must take in responding to your call,” said chief Stafford.

If you do need to attend the police station in person, you will have to buzz the intercom. You will be screened as above prior to any decision to allow you into the building.

“As an emergency service we are not able to close our doors as some businesses have either been forced to do or have chosen to do. Because we need to be able to respond to any situation we are taking these unprecedented measures to ensure that our staff are safeguarded as much as possible to any potential exposure to Covid-19,” said chief Stafford.

Anyone having concerns about a police response or public safety in general during this pandemic is asked to contact Acting Chief Rod Stafford at 306-848-3250.